6 Recommendations for the Best Soccer Live Streaming Apps

ryuzaki Cinema - Tuesday, 09 April 2024
6 Recommendations for the Best Soccer Live Streaming Apps
6 Recommendations for the Best Soccer Live Streaming Apps
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The new seasons of major leagues in Europe and Indonesia are starting. Do you already have soccer live streaming apps to watch your favorite clubs? Through streaming apps, you can watch soccer matches on laptops, PCs, or smartphones. Besides being more practical, you also don't have to fight over the TV with other family members. This time we will provide tips for choosing the best live streaming apps for soccer. We also recommend top apps like Mola, beIN SPORTS, Super Soccer TV, and Vidio for you. Some apps even have reviews! Let's find out more!

Method for Choosing Soccer Live Streaming Apps

Free live streaming apps don't usually only broadcast soccer. But, there are also other content like movies, series, matches, and so on. Here are some things you need to know before choosing and pay attention to their content.

Check the Broadcast Competitions

There are many soccer subscriptions that can be broadcasted through apps. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League, and Indonesian League can be watched through these apps. Before choosing, determine which soccer competitions you have followed in the past year.

Some apps broadcast soccer matches from several leagues, while others specifically broadcast certain leagues. For example, La Liga Sports TV usually broadcasts Spanish La Liga matches. There are even apps that are only affiliated with specific soccer clubs. For example, Super Soccer TV is only affiliated with Manchester United's MUTV.

Apart from matches, soccer fans also often follow news about their favorite players or clubs. So, choose an app that also broadcasts player transfer news or updates from famous soccer clubs.

Are You a Soccer Enthusiast? Here Are Some Soccer Streaming App Recommendations for Your Android Phone

With soccer streaming apps, soccer enthusiasts no longer need to fight over the TV with family members at home and can simply use their Android smartphones. Here are the best soccer streaming apps for smartphones.

1. Mola TV

When it comes to watching soccer apps, you won't go wrong with choosing Mola TV. You can watch live soccer matches with user-friendly navigation. Not only English league matches, but you can also watch National Team matches, Women's League, Garuda Select, and EURO.

Here you can find out what will be broadcasted in the near future, apart from sports shows, there are also other programs such as Hollywood movies and others.

2. Vidio

Perhaps Vidio app is more known as one of the apps for watching online screens and TV, but Vidio also allows you to watch soccer matches. So, Vidio provides special channels for those who love soccer, from local matches to international soccer like the Premier League. Isn't that great? Similar to most streaming apps, Vidio applies special rates for certain content. This also applies to sports events broadcasted in the app. Based on our review, the rates are quite reasonable and relatively cheap considering the services provided. Download Vidio on Google Play Store to start watching your favorite shows.


No need to worry about missing match broadcasts because this app will always give notifications for upcoming matches. In addition, beIN SPORTS has a Replay feature where you can watch past soccer match videos. How about it? Are you interested in this app? Download beIN on Google Play Store.

4. Vision+

Watching matches from your favorite teams can also be done through Vision+. This app from MNC offers replays and instant matches, especially for local and Asian leagues. Our team found some match broadcasts that require a subscription. For example, for matches that will be aired soon. There is a special subscription fee that is quite affordable. Apart from watching soccer matches, there are also broadcasts of other sports branches, as well as live shows from several international sports channels. Oh yes, Vision+ also offers original series and several movies that are interesting to watch.

5. IndiHome TV

If you don't want an app that only broadcasts soccer matches, there is also an app called IndiHome TV that you can try. This streaming product from Telkom offers various local channels, along with a variety of movies and on-demand series. Rest assured, you won't get bored with this app. Basically, IndiHome TV is the main choice when you're tired of watching local broadcasts only, as there are also several international sports channels like Fox Sport, Bein Sport Channel, UseeSports, and many more. Interested? Download it from Google Play Store.

6. Maxstream

Maxstream may not be an app specifically for watching soccer broadcasts, but this app from Telkomsel also offers many soccer broadcasts! Various soccer programs are available, including Serie A, French League, FA Cup, and many more. Meanwhile, Maxstream can also be used to watch complete local channels, such as NET Television, Metro Television, Indosiar, TVRI, and many more. If you're bored with local broadcasts, Maxstream also offers foreign channels like Aniplus, K+, WB Television, and others. There are also international sports channels like Bein Sports Channel 1 and 2. Interesting, isn't it?

Those are the 6 recommendations for soccer streaming apps. Don't hesitate to download one of the best and official soccer viewing apps mentioned above, and enjoy your favorite soccer matches wherever and whenever. With HD quality and other interesting features, watching soccer matches will be more exciting and enjoyable! Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the world of soccer action, and easily enjoy exciting matches in the palm of your hand. Download the free soccer viewing app now and watch your favorite soccer matches!